A Message from Helen Jones, interim Head Teacher of North Leamington School

I want NLS to be a happy school, with high standards and expectations; a place to be proud of, where every individual is valued for their unique contribution to the school. I want success to be recognised and celebrated at every opportunity and for everyone to thrive.

We continue our very exciting journey as a school, from 'Good' to 'Outstanding'. Results continue to significantly improve year on year, and the new intake for September 2020 is over-subscribed, sending a very strong message to our community that NLS is a popular choice for parents and carers; I therefore look forward to working with you all to build strong, supportive partnerships that continue to move the school forward.

I am passionate in my desire that every student at the school has the best possible learning experience to develop the skills and abilities needed to be successful in life. We are a non-selective, 11-18 community school complete with 21st Century educational and recreational facilities. We will deliver outstanding teaching and learning in this wonderful environment, where students will develop the ability to be resilient, resourceful, reflective individuals who can work collaboratively to reach their full potential and be able to cope with the rapidly changing world in which they live in.

We care about all our students and will support and challenge them throughout their seven years at the school so that they feel safe, are happy in school, and become both confident and successful. Our Vertical Tutoring system is designed to support this by making sure that every student has their own personal Learning Mentor, who will track their progress and support their needs to maximise their potential as they progress through the school.

We encourage everyone to take individual responsibility for the schools collective success and will actively encourage all our students, staff, parents/carers and wider community to work together for the benefit of all. Our students are our community's future, and we will give them opportunities to show leadership and to act as role models for younger students as part of our enrichment curriculum.

We respect ourselves and each other, our local and global communities and the environment. This is the message of the school's Code of Conduct. Our status as an International School is important to us in our whole approach to Respect. We want to do our professional best to enable all our students to become positive global citizens of the future.

As the interim Head Teacher of this wonderful school, I will continue to invest in the capability of every member of our community and help them to achieve their potential. I look forward to meeting and working with you all in the future.


HJ Interim HT web

‘Under the Education Act 2002, schools must make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.  Parents/carers should know that the law (Children Act 1989) requires all school staff to pass on information which gives rise to a concern about a child’s welfare, including risk from neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Staff will seek, in general, to discuss any concerns with the parent/carer and, where possible, seek their consent to make a referral to Children’s Social Care if that is considered necessary. This will only be done where such discussion will not place the child at increased risk of significant harm. The school will seek advice from Children’s Social Care when they have reasonable cause to suspect a child may be suffering or likely to suffer significant harm. Occasionally, concerns are passed on which are later found to be unfounded. Parents/carers will appreciate that the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead carries out their responsibilities in accordance with the law and acts in the best interests of all children.’


General Information and Introduction to North Leamington School


NLS and what we stand for...

North Leamington School (NLS for short), an 11-18, mixed comprehensive with around 1200 students on roll in Year 7 through to 11, plus up to 300 in the Sixth Form, relocated in September 2009 to new ‘state-of-the-art’ buildings, with capacity for 1500 students and a planned admission number of 240.

Our ambition is to be an ever-improving learning environment that offers opportunities to enthuse engage and enrich the experiences of all its community. We will continue to instil a commitment to growth in a positive, dynamic and respectful environment that expects and supports personal excellence in the context of 'everyone matters equally'.

The design concept for NLS is that of a university campus, with separate buildings for each faculty: CORE (Maths, Science and English), Humanities, Performance, Individual Educational Needs (IEN), and the Sixth Form Centre, known as 'The Hub'.

Importantly, these facilities, from the sports centre and the floodlit all-weather surfaces to the 315-seat theatre, also provide a much-needed resource for the local community, enabling NLS to operate effectively as a Community School.

We have developed a varied, relevant curriculum throughout the 11-18 age range and have greatly enriched this with a wide-ranging programme of extra-curricular activities. We have established a vibrant culture at NLS and we are very proud of our status as an International School.


We strongly believe in Commitment, Opportunity, Respect and Excellence for all and in all that we do.

Our Strategic Aim for 2020/21 is to deliver an outstanding learning community; this will be achieved by continuing to focus on consistency of policy to practice through:

-          Developing a broad and balanced curriculum for all

-          Refining and enhancing Wave 1 teaching and learning for all

-          Refining and embedding a positive learning Culture and Ethos

-          Building the capacity of the school and its teams



Key Information


The ‘College’ System, Incorporating Vertical Tutoring

The school’s 11-16 population is organised in 5 ‘Colleges’, each with a dedicated College Leader and Learning Mentor team. Each College’s students are organised into Vertical Tutor (VT) groups with a Learning Mentor, who oversees their academic, personal and social development and leads a well-structured 25-minute VT Programme each afternoon. Year 11 follows a slightly different programme and is timetabled with specific interventions, leadership and social/emotional support programmes, as well as wider issues. This system was introduced in September 2009 to achieve social cohesion and to support the building of strong links with families. It has been an unqualified success. 16-19 students remain in Year Groups so that they can receive relevant support in relation to their needs.


The Community of North Leamington and ‘Community Schooling’

The very real social diversity of North Leamington and the school’s ‘priority area’ ensures that NLS is as near as you will ever get to a truly comprehensive intake. We are proud to be a comprehensive school, and the building has enabled us to develop a more active, authentic partnership with our local community in various ways. 


Diversity and Inclusivity at NLS

This is paramount amongst the school’s values of Commitment, Opportunity, Respect and Excellence for all and in all that we do. We have a very strong Individual Educational Needs (IEN) Department, which coordinates personalisation for both SEND and High Ability students.


Relationships for Learning and ‘Restorative Approaches’ at NLS

The school’s Behaviour for Learning Policy and Procedures reflect ‘Restorative Approaches’. We have worked very hard to embed this practice so that we have a proactive approach to sustaining good relationships by the whole school community. 


Primary Links and Progression Links

We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of both our primary links and our further and higher education partnerships.  We work closely with the Primary Schools in our ‘priority area’ and this has contributed greatly to the rapid rise in our First Preferences.

We have strategic partnerships with a number of local Teaching School Alliances and Initial Teacher Education providers. We provide highly successful ITE placements, across a wide range of subjects, in association with Warwick University, Coventry SCITT, the Griffin Alliance and the Futures Trust.  Our collaborative work with these partners not only supports our recruitment and retention strategy but also provides a number of opportunities to further the professional development offer for our staff. It also as provides opportunities for our staff to work collaboratively with staff from other schools and to contribute to the delivery of high quality CPD across the Central Warwickshire and Coventry area.


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