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Our Core Purpose:


‘We believe in Commitment, Opportunity, Respect and Excellence, allowing all students to fly to success.’


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North Leamington School will continue to ensure a vibrant, ever-improving and outstanding learning community; one that offers fantastic opportunities to enthuse, engage and enrich the experiences of all its stakeholders. We will continue to engender a commitment to life-long learning in a very positive, dynamic and respectful environment; one that expects and supports personal excellence but in the context of dedication to the concept that “everyone matters equally”.





North Leamington School is committed to continuing to:


·               enhance teaching and learning which fulfils the needs of the individual


·               provide high quality professional learning (CPD) that meets individual and school need


·               engage all stakeholders in all aspects of school life and to celebrate achievement


·               provide a stimulating, mutually respectful learning environment


·               reflect upon and develop our values–driven practices in the context of a dynamic environment that we can ensure outstanding teaching and learning, an outstanding learning community and the on-going provision of outstanding opportunities for all.



All of this is underpinned by our CORE and associated values:


·         Commitment


·         Opportunity


·         Respect


·         Excellence


·         “It’s all about the learning”


·         “Everyone matters equally”


·         “Believe and you will achieve”


The above is reflected both explicitly and implicitly in our School Strategic Wheel:                     


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School Improvement Plan:


As a school we have identified non-negotiables that we feel are important drivers in supporting this plan that need to be embedded in all Faculty and College Improvement Plans.


Strategic Aim 1 – To further enhance the development of an outstanding learning community.


1.    To achieve challenging, aspirational targets for all students including key groups.


2.    Effective stretch and challenge for all learners; visible in all lessons through flexible planning and delivery.


3.    All predictions are based on robust standardised assessments.


4.    All teachers continue to develop and embed active literacy strategies into their day to day teaching.


5.    To provide effective curriculum planning that responds to national changes and based on identified needs students have opportunity to follow a bespoke personalised pathway.


6.    Acute awareness of group profiles and ongoing AFL strategies (FB2FF/DTT/PLCs) to address gaps in learning through appropriate early intervention.



Strategic Aim 2 –


1.    The school will continue to be outward facing, working closely with other schools to develop effective partnerships.


2.    To continue to develop strong shared leadership at all levels to achieve outstanding outcomes for all.


3.    Build staff resilience to achieve outstanding outcomes both personally and for the students.


4.    Build academic and personal resilience across the student body through SBS, Learning Pit and Thinking Hard strategies.


5.    An “open door” ethos across the school that encourages sharing of best practice and celebrates success.



Strategic Aim 3 –


1.    To continue to develop a culture and ethos for learning through World Class Basics (WCB) including attendance.


2.    All students are provided with opportunities to be challenged by the VT curriculum provision.


3.    Continue to develop leadership opportunities for students.


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