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Head Teacher          

Deputy Head Teacher

     Deputy Head Teacher     Business Manager
Joy Mitchell   Michelle Foy   Helen Jones                      Amy Woodward
Mrs Joy Mitchell   Ms Michelle Foy  

Ms Helen Jones


Mrs Amy Woodward

Senior Assistant Head Teachers
Matt Atkins Gemma Jephcote Carl Royle Steve Taylor   Julie McBride

Mr Matt Atkins

Miss Gemma Jephcote

Mr Carl Royle

Mr Steve Taylor

Mrs Julie McBride

Faculty Leaders
Michelle Foy Claire Howard Debby Hill Julie McBride

Ms Michelle Foy

CORE Faculty Leader

Miss C Howard

Humanities Faculty Leader

Mrs Debby Hill

Performance Faculty Leader

Mrs Julie McBride

IEN Faculty Leader

     College Leaders
Paige Murphy Ben Butler Mrs Sarah Barley Morey Mr J Foxon Mr M Swan

Miss Paige Murphy
Binswood College Leader

Mr Ben Butler
Blackdown College 

Mrs Sarah Barley-Morey
Croft College Leader

Mr James Foxon
Manor College Leader

Mr Mike Swan
Park  College Leader








FACULTY – CORE (Maths/Science/English/Media/MFL)
Michelle Foy Maths Deputy Head Teacher
Stephen Roberts Maths Subject Leader Maths
Caroline Jones Maths 2i/c Maths
Stefan Fotheringham Maths KS5 Maths Coordinator
Claire Wood Maths Raising Achievements Leader Y7 & 8
Matthew Atkins Maths Senior Assistant Head Teacher
Miles Schofield Maths Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Itohan Iyamu Maths
Joseph Piper Maths
Joanne Reeves Maths
Amie Smith Maths
Jessica Twyford Maths
Lucy Tyreman Maths NQT
Amanda Walsh Maths
Robert Taylor Maths ITT
Jas Dhesi Science Subject Leader Science
Lizzie Flint Science 2i/c Science - i/c Chemistry 
Jonathan Rae Science 2i/c Science - i/c Physics
Jessica Blythe Science NQT
Matthew Carey Science
Catherine Fell Science PP Champion, International School Coordinator
Joseph Hudson Science
Jagroop Kandola Science
Louise McKinley Science
Sarah Barley-Morey Science Assistant Head Teacher
Carl Royle Science Senior Assistant Head Teacher (Maternity Cover) and Learning and Professional Development 
Charlotte Taylor Science
English & Media
Rhys Denham English & Media Subject Leader English
Pete Moss English & Media 2i/c English
Louise Wilson English & Media
Daniel Cope English & Media i/c Literacy
Andrzej Krysta English & Media i/c Media
Chris Doherty English & Media
Kathryn Harding English & Media Raising Achievement Leader Years 7 & 8 (Mat cover)
Stuart Hoskin English & Media
Helen Jones English & Media Deputy Head Teacher
Kristy Kitson English & Media NQT
Lesley Ann Mcleod English & Media
Suzanne Spridgeon English & Media
Steve Taylor English & Media Senior Assistant Head Teacher
Joanne Kellow English & Media
Sam Bowker English & Media ITT
Claire Donellan MFL Subject Leader MFL, i/c French & Spanish
Stephanie Trytsman MFL
Caroline Farrell MFL
Suzanne Albon MFL
Bethan Reed MFL
FACULTY – HUMANITIES (History/Geography/RE/Social Science/ICT/Business)
Claire Howard Sociology   Assistant Head Teacher, Faculty Leader
Dean Bowker History Subject Leader History
Julie Burkey History
Gabby Keane History
Nicky Watson History
Katherine Edwards English/History NQT
Joy Ashton Geography Subject Leader Geography
Heather Clifford Geography/ Travel & Tourism/Psychology PP Champion (Yr 9/10)
Laura Ellis-Gormley Geography
Ruth Harding Geography International School Coordinator
Robin Williams Geography
Francesca Parkes Geography NQT
Elly Mcgwinn R.E. Subject Leader RE
Hannah Lloyd R.E. NQT
Jo McFerran R.E.
Zoe O'Connor R.E.
Social Sciences
Veena Bhandal Psychology i/c Psychology
Julie Holland Sociology/HSC
Lizzie Caisey Psychology
Tom Howden ICT Subject Leader ICT/Computing 
Mark Challice Computer Science NQT
Mike Swan ICT Assistant Head Teacher/College Leader
Menna Fear Business Joint Subject Leader Business
Jas Sandhar Business Joint Subject Leader Business
Mark Challice Business
FACULTY – PERFORMANCE (DT/Music/Drama/Art/Photography/Dance/PE)
Debbie Hill Drama Assistant Head Teacher, Faculty Leader
Sally Beatty DT Subject Leader DT
Kati Ribeiro Nelson DT i/c Textiles
Katie Collins DT
Laura Manley DT
Steven Noakes Music i/c MUSIC
Andy McIntyre Music
Paige Murphy Drama AHT College Leader (Mat Cover)
Carol Copeland Art Subject Leader Art
Claire Muddyman Photography i/c Photography & i/c ICT across the Curriculum
Elizabeth Crowley Art
Claudia Windley Art
Sam Lane Dance i/c Dance
Matt Burt P.E. Subject Leader PE
Alice Usen P.E. i/c BTEC
Adam Beese P.E. i/c Wider Curriculum
James Foxon P.E. Assistant Head Teacher, College Leader
Gemma Jephcote P.E. Senior Assistant Head Teacher
Sharleen Watkins P.E.
Ben Butler P.E. Assistant Head Teacher, College Leader
Faculty - IEN
Julie McBride  Senior Assistant Head Teacher IEN
Caroline Farrell Associate SENCO
Felicity Blundell Transition & Pathways


Surname Forename Post
Abbey Kate Business Communications Manager
Agar Lyn TA1
Ahluwalia Chander TA2
Antrobus Julia Senior Science Technician
Ashton Hazel Cover Supervisor
Baker Fiona Data and Exams Manager 
Bass Jim Senior ICT Technician
Bond Fiona Sixth Form Administrator/Midday Supervisor
Booth Samantha Data Administrator
Brandsma Jodi Head's PA
Broad Jane College Administrator
Butcher Andy Site Manager
Calcott Lesley Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Callaghan Deborah Staff Cover and SLT Support
Charman Nicky 6th Form Manager
Clayton Martin Senior Caretaker
Compton Sarah TA3
Cox Evelyn TA2
Dainty Ellen Theatre Technician & Marketing Assistant
Dave Sandhya Finance Administrator
Davies Faye TA2
Dunn Tina DT Technician
Eldridge Barbara EAL Coordinator
Ellis Peter Senior Caretaker
Farrell Caroline MFL/Associate SENCO
Gaby Laura TA1
Gould Linda Family Support Worker
Griffin Rosalind Learning Resources Assistant
Grundy Jo Finance Administrator
Gulliver Anya- Marie Cover Supervisor
Hampson Heather Science Technical Manager
Hancock Tracey College Administrator
Hemming Joanne Receptionist / College Administrator
Hernandez Alejandro TA2
Highley Paulene TA2
Holt Nikki Student Support & Engagement Manager
Howard Karen TA3
Hubbard Mike Facilities Manager
Ingram Gary Student Support & Engagement Manager
Ingram Jennie HR Manager
James Katie Exams Officer
Johnson Catherine Associate Teacher of English
Jones Yvonne Head of Reprographics
Kaur Kang Manjeet Cleaner
Knight Anne TA2
Knight Cassie TA1
Knight Christine Art TA
Konca Deniz TA1
Lees Katharine TA2
Lindsay Faye TA1
Llewellyn Peter Cleaner
Maiden Helen Learning Resources Manager
Martins Marta Cleaner
Middleton Grant Cleaner
Milligan Elizabeth Careers Coordinator
Moore Brian Cleaner
Nicholson Gillian College Administrator
Northman Isobel Access to Learning Manager
O'Donnell Sharon TA2
Oliveira Jose Cleaner
Owen Simon Student Support & Engagement Lead
Parkins Stefania SEMH Interventions Lead
Perkins Samantha Attendance Improvement & Admissions Officer
Phillips-Grant Jemma Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Roberts Alison College Administrator
Sallis Aaron TA1/Cleaner
Simons Faye Cover Supervisor
Singleton Mike ICT Network Manager
Smith James Cleaner
Smith Karen Counsellor
Stanton Nicola Cleaner
Stone Polly Finance Manager
Vorajee Aliyah TA2
Wain Joanna Study Support & Intervention
Whalley Chris DT Technician
Williams Andrew Senior Cleaner
Woodward Amy Business Manager
Yeardley Jennifer TA3
Zenzolo Elena Cleaner



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