Year 7 Home Learning – What to expect in the first 6 weeks

 In order to support our new year 7 students to settle into NLS we are phasing in home learning tasks during the first six weeks. At the end of the six weeks, home learning will be set according to the medium term scheme of learning.

First 6 weeks Home Learning for Year 7 


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6


1  HL

1 HL

1 HL





On line report


Revision style task on safety rules in lab

1 HL

1 HL


1 x Revise vocab

1 x Revise vocab

1 x Revise vocab

1 x Revise vocab

1 x Revise vocab

Geog, Hist

1 x Geog research

1 x Hist doddle Quiz


Home Learning for all students

 Home Learning for students is mapped out in schemes of learning.

 Home Learning should provide opportunities outside the classroom to:

 ·         Apply learning to consolidate and extend

 ·         Research that either prepares a type of flipped learning or deepens learning

 ·         Develop learners that will self-regulate through development of revision skills and knowledge acquisition so that learners move from surface to deep learning through differentiated tasks.

 ·         Develop organisation and proactive learning behaviours

 At NLS we strive to ensure    The provision of home learning opportunities will differ between subjects and nature of courses, however home learning 

 . . . . . . Will be pro-actively engaged with post completion

 . . . . .   Will be frequent and regular, in line with mid-term plans

  . . . . . .Will be relevant to the learning in the classroom or interleaving


Revision techniques will be developed through home learning tasks; students will be expected to bring back evidence of what they have done and re-engage with their resources in the classroom in order to maximise recall.

 A research homework will be signposted to show how it fits into Scheme of Learning and students will need bring back evidence of what they have done and use in learning.

 For both revision and research tasks students will be  taught a range of strategies so that they can develop the metacognition skills to select strategies which work best for them or to evaluate their learning.


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