How have students been able to express their opinions this term?

  • Weekly Check-In (circle time)
  • Via their council reps in council meetings
  • Through assemblies which they have prepared and delivered
  • Via text to the school mobile phone number which has been issued to all students
  • Through the Key Stage 4 Work Trawl
  • By working as Ambassadors for the school
  • During Learning Conversations with their Learning Mentors
  • By acting as Student Leaders

 What are students currently discussing?

  • Sex and relationships education – is this covered sufficiently in the curriculum?
  • Safety to and from school – where are the hotspots?
  • Student Leadership in the Colleges – how could we develop this further?
  • Every Child Matters – each student will undertake an online, anonymous survey to record their views about how well North Leamington School deals with a wide range of issues.



Student Leadership


Latest Developments in Student Leadership:


Students have begun work in earnest in the following ways:

Charity: Co-ordinating the fund-raising for Children in Need; organising a Christmas collection of toys for local families

Sports: Developing and organising a Beat the Olympian sports VT activity

Community: Chairing College Council Meetings

PR: Recruiting VT reporters to write about college news

International: Hosting Russian and Chinese visitors in school

SOS: Organising and helping to judge an anti-bullying campaign


These Student Leaders are now beginning to form cross-college teams, so as to share ideas and promote a consistent approach. A range of staff have come forward to volunteer to co-ordinate their work.

In addition, Faculties have now begun in earnest to recruit their own Student Leaders. The projects they undertake vary in size and complexity, but include acting as Literacy Leaders to younger students or promoting subjects to younger students who are considering GCSE options. We hope that Student Leadership in Faculties will become the new growth area!


What are the benefits of developing students as leaders?

- It creates pride in the school because students feel they have a genuine stake in it and the decisions that directly affect them

- It provides adults with invaluable insights into the dynamics of the school, allowing teachers to understand problems from the students' perspective.

- When students are given leadership roles they become positive role models, especially for younger students

- Student leadership creates an atmosphere of students caring about the greater good of the school and the community as a whole.


student leadership structure


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